Monday, August 12, 2013

A History of Sex.... Fun Facts! (Part 1)

Did you know: Sexuality in Ancient Times

Next time you’re at a party, entertaining friends, or just chatting with your partner over dinner, you can wow them with these fun facts about the history and development of human sexuality - and probably spark some interesting conversation!

  • Only in humans are the breasts sexual organs - this is thought to be because our upright posture allows for the exposure and manipulation of the breasts, unlike in other animals.

  • The first known circumcision was performed in Egypt. 

  • The Greek goddess Aphrodite was not actually the deity of love - she was the goddess of sexual intercourse. Her son Eros was the god of love.

  • Both the ancient Greek and Roman cultures were very open to homosexual and bisexual relationships; older Greek men would mentor teenage boys, and the boys would act as passive sexual partners (receiving penetration) as a sign of appreciation. 

  • In ancient Rome, sexual monogamy was not necessary for a happy marriage; respect, mutual consideration, and fair treatment were more important. Wives would even encourage their husbands to obtain male and female sex slaves for their personal enjoyment.  

  • The Indian Kama Sutra discussed more than fun sex positions; it gave instructions on love, homemaking, family values, and moral guidance. 

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for some fun facts on modern developments in human sexuality on another week!


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